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j.c. is back at noon with the big doc answering what you want to know. have a great day, everybody. a scathing report slams california's corrections department for not investigating phillip garrido, the rapist charged for holding jaycee dugard cap it difference for 18 years. >> he was only properly supervised 12 out of 123 months it supervised him. >> we'll look at the massive mistakes and missed opportunities and speak with one of garrido's earlier victims. breaking news. a 7 month old florida girl missing for nearly a week is found alive in a box uniter her baby setter's bed. now the sitter, her husband and the baby's mother all face criminal charges. we'll bring you the very latest. a husband and wife team is charged with stealing a thousand bags from the phoenix airport. our susan koeppen went union did you ever to reveal the stunning truth.
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it's easy to steal luggage because in one's watching. and baseball bliss in the bronx as the yankees win the world serieses for the 27th time. >> the yankees are back on top. world champions. >> early this thursday morning, world champions. >> early this thursday morning, november 5th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs nice picture, are right? the old and the new right next to each other. yankee stadium. >> stadiums, right? brand new stadium, brand new world championship for only the 27th time. >> he's been holding this up all morning long. >> well, of all the things we spend way too many hours watching the yankees around our house and we were watching last
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night and here's hideki matsui, right? a man with tea cups for knees. six rbis to tie a world series record, becomes world series mvp, the crafty veteran, right? >> absolutely phenomenaphenomen. also today, about six weeks ago we had a baby shower here for our own jewelry chen. we gave her lots of great gift which is actually gave me my ideas for my baby. and she has had her baby, charlie, and she's back for a visit today. is she's going to tell us how new motherhood is and give me some tips, i hope. and she looks great. >> can't waet to see jewelly on the air. he'll be on the area with us in a little while. but first lots of news to report this morning including the many mistakes in the phillip garrido case. a devastating new report details how california parole officers failed to properly watch the sex
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offender charged withholding jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. cbs news correspondent bill whitaker is in los angeles with the story. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. ever since jaycee dugard was found alive this sum, californians have asking how is it possible that she could have been held captive for 18 years allegedly by a convicted rapist who was being monitored by parole officers. well, now the state has some answers. kidnapped victim jaycee dugard is now safe with her family, but her 18 year captivity allegedly by convicted rapist phillip garrido was likely prolonged by law enforcement mistakes. in a stinking report, california investigators slammed the department of corrections for failure to adequately supervise garrido, failure to talk to neighbors, even failure to adequately train parole officers. >> we determined that garrido was only properly supervised 12 out of the 123 months it
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supervised him, a failure rate of about 90% p. >> the department needed to did a better job of training our agents about. there's no question about that p krrt critics say the system is broken in all 50 states, there are almost 700,000 registered sex offenders, but few officers to monitor them. even worse, some 100,000 convicted sex offenders have dropped out of the system, disappeared all together. crime fighter john walsh's son was abducted 28 years ago. >> we need to know where they are. they need to be monitored. they've crossed that horrible, horrible line and they've done something terrible. >> reporter: now, in a statement released yesterday, jaycee dugard's family said that they hope the state will take necessary steps to ensure that what happened to jaycee never happens again. harry? >> bill whitaker in los angeles this morning. thank you very much. joining us now is california inspector general david shaw,
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along with matthew kate of the state's department of corrections. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> mr. shaw, let me start with you. of this litany of failure that you reported yet, which do you think is the most egregious? >> i would say that starting out the mischas if i indication of phillip garrido as a low risk offender was the mistake that set the tone for probably the rest of the mistakes. the department can only watch people at a certain level considering how many of them there are and to have misclassified him out of the gate set that tone and caused a lot of future damage, as well. >> so the message from the get-go, that the department incorrectly interprets, is this guy's not a problem, so they're going to treat him like he's not a problem. >> and that's what happened. >> let me ask mr. ca it te a couple of questions here. how do you account for this? how do you defend the performance of your agency? >> well, i agree with mr. shaw,
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all good parole monitoring begins with an accurate risk assessment and in 2001, mr. garrido was inaccurately assessed as low risk. and as a result, he was put on a larger caseload and was not reviewed as closely as he should have been. i think that the department's obligation today is to try to take each one of these missteps and try to learn from it and make sure that our agents are aware of these kind of circumstances so that we can to our best to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> does the department get it? does the department understand what a black eye it has? and does the department understand a 90% failure rate? this was supervision in name only. >> well, i think if you go back and look over the last ten year, what you find is those first early years, parole did a poor job in this case in particular. up you get to about 2007, there weren't sufficient visits,
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insufficient home contacts. in 2007, there were about about six contacts with garrido. in 2008, that went up to 18. and in 2009, in the first eight months, it went up to in the 20s. so parole was ramping up on this guy, but, again, the poor early assessment set the tone. >> mr. shaw, has the -- have you gotten reaction from the governor on this case and do you have a sense that the agency knows it's under the gun is this good i think the department of corrections & rehabilitation understands where we came out on this report, they understand that there were mistakes made over the last ten year, but that mr. cate just said, over the last three year, the department has made significant improvements. i think they will continue to do that. we'll work with them to make sure that those improvements are made and kept. >> all right. david shaw and matthew cate, thank you very much for your time. 3 # years ago, phillip
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garrido abduct and raped a young woman named katie callaway 37 he was caught, convicted an accepts tepsed to 50 years in prison, but he was released after just 11 years behind bars. his victim katie callaway hall joins us from las vegas. thank you for taking some time with us. >> good morning. >> i can only imagine your outrage that phillip garrido went unsupervised for so long. what's your reaction to the inspector's report? >> well, to say they dropped the ball is an under statement as far as i'm concerned. there was so many mistakes made all throughout the years. i understand we're talking to california parole board right now, but he's been on parole for almost 21 years. and that first ten 10, 11 year, when he got jaycee, where were those people? they should be held accountable, too. >> and i was going to ask you, in addition to the crimes that he allegedly committed against jaycee dugard, who else should be held accountable for this? >> well, i think the -- like i said, the federal parole board
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that he was under the jurisdiction of for the first 11 years. i mean, he was three years after he was paroled that he got jaycee. those are the people that i talked to and i told them he was dangerous. i just don't understand it. >> you indeed tried to warn parole authorities about garrido years ago and what did they say to you then? has much changed since you tried to warn them all those years ago? >> i don't know about change. i hear a lot of change is going to be taking place. i hear them saying that the net was closing in on him. but i really doubt if that man hntd walked some to that office with those girls, with jaycee and her girls, they'd still be in his backyard. >> allow do you think we can fix this system so this does not happen again is this good i here hear that there's a lot of good things from the works. there definitely has to be a better system of risk assessment and there just has to be a lot of common sense involved in this job. this has to be accountability
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for what has happened, as well. >> all right, katie callaway hall, thank you for your time. >> thank you. now let's turn to russ who is at the news desk for more of the morning's news. good morning. a bill to stepped up employment benefits to more than a million jobless americans could come up in the house today. the senate passed the measure yesterday. every out of work american will get an additional 14 week of benefits. an additional six weeks would be added for those in 27 states with the highest unemployment rates. the bills also extends the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. they also voted for immediately impose rules that limit when and how banks can charge credit card companies, but it isn't likely the is that the will go along with that one and the federal reserve reserve voted yesterday to keep interest rates where they are at record lows. and as harry pointed out, new york is on top of the baseball world this morning. the yankees won for the first time in nine years beating the phillies 7-3 last night at
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yankee stadium. hari sreenivasan who we know around here as mr. baseball joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. for die hard yankees fans, it took a long time, maybe too long, nine honk years to be world champions one more time. >> the yankees are back on top. >> reporter: for the 27th time, the bronx bombers are the best in baseball. but this is the first championship in the team's newly constructed $1.5 billion said yum. for hideki matsui, the january sneeze star month came to new york almost a decade ago to win a world series, it was terrific night. he put the yankees on course to their championship win early with a home run. he was responsible for six of the yankees seven runs on his way to being the first japanese player ever to win the world series mvp. for the 2009 yankees, a world series win was a poet tick ending to a season that began with distractions and a bombshell report on one of the team's brightest stars. >> for the record, have you ever
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used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: after the release of a sports illustrated article, alex rodriguez admitted to stair rod usage. his admissions did not take him off the field, but a hip injury sidelined him for two months. never a fan favorite since coming to new york, now branded a lier and a cheater, a-rod returned to the team in may and leading them to the best ordinary some baseball fine anticipate if you said redemption. and along for the ride was a new love. >> the yankees have a lot to thank a-rod for this rope and in turn kate hudson. >> good luck. >> reporter: and a team that is back on top. the philadelphia phillies know exactly what that thrill of victory feels like having won the world series just last year. now they have a long winter ahead of help to try to figure out how to get to the championship once again. russ? >> okay, hari sreenivasan, thank you very much. 27 world series. and no matter what you think about the yankee, that's quite
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an r. an accomplishment. >> people around the country really do hate the yankees. >> let's be sensitive to what the rest of the country is positioning right now. >> because they buy championships. >> they spend a lot of money. >> sorry, they do. >> russ, the cardinal fan. >> although there are times you invest in great players and they can't come together as a team. this was something else. >> here's the thing. if you spend this much money, you need to win the championship. >> i agree. that's why they went through so many managers. >> do you think kate hudson gets a little -- >> she should be mvp. an asterisk in the hall of fame. >> she's not a free agent. >> oh, my. on that note, folks, let's change gears. a little bit of breaking news before we walk over to the weather wall. late in the hurricane season, we have a hurricane. hurricane ada forming off the coast of nicaragua. >> a named storm? >> category one so we'll watch it. not much to talk about. a couple of developing things.
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most of the midsection of the country actually as we head to portions of the midwest, lower midwest, southeast hook good. the rain has moved from the ohio valley into the northeast. any snow will be in extreme northern new england. but for a hot of folk, some spotty rain showers. keep in mind a storm systemle roing throughout pacific northwest. sflan, could you get halfen a inch and even in-land in places hike oregon and washington, you're going to get some rain upwards of an inch or so, seattle and portland, it looks like things are changing in your soggy once again. 23450is and warm in denver. today and tomorrow.
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that's a quick look at your weather picture. last week a foot of snow this portions of colorado. this week, 70s, even 80s in some areas by tomorrow about. >> nice. >> all right, thank you so much. still to come this morning, a missing baby girl is found in florida and, get this, in a box under her baby-sitter's bed. we will bring you the latest on this bizarre story. plus, first it was the h1n1 vaccine. now it's the regular seasonal flu vaccine. we'll tell you about the latest shortage. this is "the early show" on cbs. (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness you know
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(announcer) ask your doctor about pristiq. traffic noises. may i walk you across the street? um... sure. why not? thanks. you're welcome. ♪ hold my hand... this morning police in
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florida panhandle say they've solved a missing baby case. it is a happy ending to the search, but the mystery may be only the beginning. cbs news correspondent michelle gielan has the story. >> reporter: seven month old shannon dietrich disappeared from her florida home sometime after 3:00 a.m. last saturday. quickly 75 search and rescue workers began scouring the area for any sign of theed to letter. but unlike so many recent child abductions, this time good news. after five day, little shan november has been found alive in a box under her baby-sitter's bed. months before the kidnapping, the baby-sitter, susan baker, wrote florida governor charlie crist charging the child's parents smoked cigarettes and drugs with the baby in the same room, also claiming that the baby is being abused. child services investigated, but did not intervene. >> there was really no grupds to go work and remove the child. >> reporter: how police are
7:20 am
hooking to charge susan baeker, her husband, james, and the child's mother, christina mercer, in the kidnapping. in an added twist, police say this not the first missing child case involving the baker's. their own 3-year-old son, paul, went missing 22 years ago. this that case is still unsolved to this day. michelle gielan, cbs news, new york. >> amazing. now here's harry. for weeks we have told you how h1n1 flu vaccine supplies have fallen below expectations, but this morning they there's word that we're now running is he short of seasonal flu vaccine. how did it happen, what can you do? dr. holly phillips from wcbs-tv is here with us this morning. right on the front page of the paper, nation is facing vaccine shortage for seasonal flu. how did this happen? >> that's right, well, really this is a shortage because it's based on increased demand. we're actually on track to have as much seasonal flu vaccine, even more than we had last year, last year we had 113 million doses, this year we'll have 114
7:21 am
million. but people, because of the h1n1 flu, are more interested in getting vaccinated and they're getting vak sin natured earlier for the seasonal flu. so we've gp through more of it this year than at this time last year. >> what effect then does this have? >> the cdc is saying that's no reason to think that the seasonal flu will be worse this year than last year or that we'll see more deaths. now, what they are saying, though, is if the shortage becomes very, very severe, we should prioritize giving the vaccine to people over the age of 65. that's different than h1n1, where it's for people under the age of 65. >> dr. holly follow lipfip lip, thank. >> announcer: had this portion of "the early show" response 0red by chase. introducing chase brew print. manage your finances on your term. do you have your blueprint? now your chase card let's you make your own payment plan for what you charge. introducing blueprint. blueprint's free and exclusively for chase customers. for a big purchase,
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not every in new york is cheered out. still some folks out there. welcome back to "the early show." takes big morning for us. we have an old friend here who has been missing for the last couple of months. julie is back. as you know, she's a new mom. we'll find out what has been going on with julie. >> i saw her in hair and makeup. she looks fantastic. she's the gold standard of fantastic. also this morning, a new h1n1 health warning. if up the flu, how much you you weigh may determine how sick you get. a new study show as large number
7:31 am
of obese h1n1 victims are nding in the hospital. we'll have all the details on that. there's had this other piece of news this morning and as i have said so on which, are you in fact, a doctor, the vet friday naer medicine. what is this about a cat? >> it came out yesterday that an h1n1 was confirmed in a pet cat in iowa. this cat lived in a home where there were three people that had flu-like symptoms and this is the first time that we've seen h1n1 in a pet. because many times vie are yous are species specific. so they don't jump back and forth, about they knew at a time all the time, which is why we have a different seasonal vaccine. >> so 90 million cat owners -- >> 90 something million cat owners in this country. we shouldn't be panicked yet. it could be that the virus is knew dating. the same precautions that you would take to keep from spreading it to your family members and friends, should you take those precautions from spreading it to your pets. >> good advice. >> but don't be be all upset about it just yet.
7:32 am
>> i won't. but first, we have to turn to the tale of the baggage bandit. police in arizona have busted a husband and wife team accused of taking hundreds of pieces of luggage right from the baggage carousel at the phoenix airport. apparently the suspects didn't have any trouble with it. as early show consumer koernts susan koeppen confirmed in her own investigation and she's here to tell us about it. >> police say that the husband would walk right some to baggage claim, walk out and drive off ppd and as we found out, walking off with someone's bag, really not that hard to do. >> reporter: police say they now know what happened to nearly 1,000 bag has went missing from sky harbor international airport. authorities found hundreds of pieces of luggage in the home of keith and stacey king. the couple is accused of stealing the bag from the carousels. and then selling the stolen goods for cash. we wanted it see what would happen when we took a bag there one of the busiest airports in
7:33 am
america, new york's laguardia. i grabbed a bag belonging to a woman from michigan. she was willing to let me take to see if anyone questioned me. nobody did. i walked right out the door. were you you surprised he was just able to walk off about your bag? >> yes, very. it was very easy. >> reporter: one of on you producers was able to walk off with a bag of a willing passenger at a small aerpt in burbank, california. >> if i was on the phone texting, could you just take it and i'd be like totally missed it. >> reporter: and i went back inside to baggage claem at that guard i can't and tried again. this time take taking the bag of a passenger from rhode island. she knew i was taking it, but, again, nobody stopped me, even though this was the second bag i grabbed in less than ten minutes. >> it's alwayses in back of your mind that there's really no like security when you're walking out. >> reporter: it's the airlines, pot the airports,hich are responsible for the safe dwlifrp arrive your bag, but this cost cutting move, most airlines have done away with checking claim
7:34 am
tickets as passengers leave the baggage area. >> there's so little theft now that it just doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a lot of money trying to prevent a couple of bags from being stolen. >> reporter: a silver lining in industry experts say the chance of losing your bag is low. the chance of it being stolen even lower. and if your bag is lost or stolen, you need to file a complaint with the airline immediately, but there is a cap on what they'll pay you if your bag is gone for good. >> this crime is really sort of incredible, but aim not surprised because i've seen someone pick my bag up and walk away with it. they weren't trying to steal it, they just mistakenly hot it was theirs. >> so there have some don'ts. so don't check a bag if you don't have to. don't deli dally, get right down to baggage claim so you're standing will as the bags are coming down. >> i try to be the first one as it comes out of the hole. >> absolutely. and when it comes to the bag you use, if you're quoog a louie
7:35 am
vitton bag, the thief will position this is someone who is healthy. >> it says steal me. >> black bag, everybody has a black bag. so it's easy to grab the wrong black bag. so your best bet if you want to avoid someone stealing or taking off with it, use bag like this which has lots of pink polka dots. it stands out. and if someone is walking away with this bark you'll notice it pretty quickly. >> and are they trying to find the owners of all those bag sfls. >> they are, but we're talking about a,000 bags and in a hot of cases 9 tags were taken off. >> all right, susan, thank you so much. now here's dave with another check of our weather. all right. thank you. nice crowd outside on had this very lovely morning here in new york. it is the morning after the world series. a lot of people are tireded, but the blue skies are above us and that puts people in a good mood even if you weren't cheering for the yankees, right? let's it take a check of the weather, see what's happening all across the country. these blue skies may not last long on the east coast. rain moving in. and on the west coast, it's another story, but a similar
7:36 am
one. a cold front moves in late today into friday. that's going to bring some rain showers from seattle to portland, oregon, even some to portions of northern california. not a major storm, not a big storm, 20 or 30-mile-an-hour winds, but keep in mind you could see anywhere from a quarter inch in places like northern california to upwards of an eventual or more as you head to the northwest corner of the continental u.s. mch much of the rest of the country is picture perfect, midwest, southeast, great plains. rockies look beautiful today. tomorrow, some areas around the denver metroplex could see temperatures approaching 80 degrees. and the southeast looks great. northeast, again, those changes. that's a quick look at the national maps. th
7:37 am
that's a quick hook at your weather picture. friend from new port beach celebrating a big birthday today. harry, back inside to you. >> you're going to have to getler to tone down the enthusiasm. >> we'll speak to her and have security take care of. up next, is charlie in charge 134 our own julie chen is back to tell us about life with a new baby. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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hallmark keepsake ornaments. at your hallmark gold crown store. one of many ways to find meaning inside. ♪ the last time julie chen was with us, we were talking about "big brother." this morning, we want to talk about little baby. >> her little son. it is julie's first time back since giving birth to charlie on september 24th and here she is. >> charlie's at home sleeping right now. let me tell you something, that
7:41 am
boy can sleep and he get it is from the chen side of the family. i have to wake him to feed him. >> you should be so grateful. >> there's so many things you learn about motherhood as you're going to learn, that, well, inside i was just completely in the dark more so than -- because i feel like was i supposed to know that? the doctor told me you have to feed him every two to three hours. so you have to wake -- i have to wake him. it's not like he's going to wake up hungry. had boy could sleep. but, yeah, we're always up in the middle of the night because of the job that we do here, so i'm used to those early wake-up calls. >> you look fantastic, you don't look like the tired, haggard new mom. >> wait up i wash the makeup off. halloween's over, julie. >> what's the biggest adjustment? >> the -- you have -- i feel like i'm tethered to my home because of the feedings. that's the biggest adjustment. i don't know.
7:42 am
can i make the dental appointment? i hope they're ready on time. just the whole schedule. i do the math. i'm like if i feed at this time, i can walk out the door at this time and come back at this time. and that's the biggest. >> so if you were going to put a sub text under your life, would it say charlie is in charge? >> yes, charlie is in charge. we call him master charlie. >> as well he should be. >> gentlemen, bear with me if i talk a little gerl talk because, of course, i am so concerned about delivery. what was your delivery hike? >> pushed for 40 minutes. all i can say is prenatal yoga. >> is it too late for me to start? >> no, no. start easy, though. don't go crazy. >> are you kidding about that or you really think prenatal yoga helped you? >> totally helped me, i think so. >> all about very muching? >> and body awareness. in the delivery room, bring a picture of your happy place and just focus on and write my happy
7:43 am
place. and just be like -- are you going to get apepidural? >> okay, then, yeah. you'll be in your happy place. they'll put you in your happy place. >> and i will wheel a pole around. >> also your husband should be in a happy place, as well. >> were you cursing? >> we'll ask more of hose questions in our next hour. all right? >> there's a tease. >> cling hanger. >> that means we're out of time. welcome back, sweetie. up next, h1n1 may be especially dangerous if you are way overweight. we'll tell what you that's all about when we come back. (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness you know
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7:47 am
a key factor for h1n1 victims who end up in the hospital. early show contributor doctor holly phillips is back with us. so what is the connection here some because we were kind of starting to understand that anecdotally. we have numbers now to back it up, right? >> exactly. the numbers are very interesting. of the 268 hospitalized patients for whom we had weights, actually 58% of them were obese. and 25% of that group were considered morbidly obese. now, that's more than 100 pounds overweight, so they were significantly overweight and they were at five times increased risk of complications from the h1n1 flu than the general population. >> so this really should be -- this is a small slice of all the thousands and tens of thousands of people who have had h1n1. and some this group, we're really finding out that obesity and especially morbid obese i can be particularly dangerous. >> very much so. morbid obesity some in context
7:48 am
was thought to be as much of a risk factor, even more than pregnancy, which we know is a six times increased risk for complications. so it's really a serious risk fan tore and something we need to look closer at. >> and so what's the take away here, what do we really need to understand? if i'm obese or morbidly obese, i absolutely have are to get out and get that h1n1 shot, but what else do i need to be be paying attention to in. >> what the study -- they couldn't look at exactly what was causing the complications in the morbidly obese population, but we do know people who are obese are at increased risk of having underlying illnesses, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems. and had can place them at increase risk for h1n1. for third of the patients did that have underlying complications, so this makes it seem as though obesity itself may be a risk factor about for having these problems with the h1n1 flu. and is this different than the
7:49 am
seasonal flu. we never thought before that obesity was a risk factor for complication with the seasonal flu, but h1n1 is proving it different. >> holly phillip, thank you so much. for an in-denyth special report with all you need to though about h1n1, all you need to dough is foe our website, and still to come, we're traveling back in time. let's just say do you like ike? we'll be right back. >> announcer: cbs flu watch sponsored by campbell's tomato soup, thousand with less salt, thanks to adding a special sea salt. one tops them all. adding it helps us use less salt than before in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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where's all the flu vaccine? the cdc reports supplies of seasonal flu vaccine are now running low. this after months of problems producing the h1n1 vaccine. what's going on some we'll have the story. mus, our "early show" time machine transports us to the first year miss america was crowned on tv. ♪ there she is, miss america >> we'll meet five of the best known and still beautiful miss americas. and rock and roll royalty. a pioneering group that broke barriers an had a string of big hits. ♪ only you can make this world seem bright ♪ >> the platters are here to
8:01 am
serve up some of their biggest hits, early this thursday serve up some of their biggest hits, early this thursday morning november 5th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs great crowd on hand out here on the plaza today. >> that's right. >> and one of the things i love about the time machine an going back in time, it's so great to reuhe might with some of these groupses that we've had on. but the platters, this is a group that go and you the way back to 1954 and people still know ♪ only you can make the -- >> how did i he said up sinking otherwise bag? that was a big pageant song. a lot of contestants sang it.
8:02 am
a classic. >> and we'll be at the holiday inn on route 4. >> two shows. one still available. >> one at noon and one at five. >> oh, my goodness. so we'll go back in town, we'll visit some more with julie. a lot going on, but first -- >> let's go inside on russ mitchell at the news desk. >> m >> you were fantastic. >> we're looking for a hger. >> i'm just kidding actually. >> we have a bus. good morning, guys. this morning there is word that worries over the h1n1 flu pandemic have led to shortages of the regular seasonal flu vaccine. demand is higher than last year and the shortages are being reported across the country. meanwhile on the h1n1 front rkt there are bright spots to tell you about. don teague is in dallas with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officials here in dallas will offer free h1n1 flu vaccinations for a second straight day today to those in the highest risk groups. protection, though, that for
8:03 am
many may come too late. after weeks of waiting more than 3600 people in dallas county lined up for free h1n1 flu shots wednesday. even as health officials say the number of new flu cases here has dropped by up on 30% from a peak four weeks ago. >> we know our school absence rateseses are now back to normal. what we normally see during this time of the year of the years prior. so we're sort of baseline there. we know, also, the case rates are going down as well as hospitalizations as well as emergency department visits. >> reporter: federal health officials say the pattern in dallas is being repeated elsewhere, particularly in the southeast where new cases of the flu appear to be declining. >> it is likely that the current wave of infectionses will peak, crest and begin to decline before there are ample supplies. >> reporter: well, 32 million of the h1n1 flu vaccinations have been produced so far. health officials say the best they think to do is what these folks are doing here this
8:04 am
morning, get vak sip natured when you can. russ? >> don teague in dallas. thank you very much. california officials say this they will change their parole program following a scathing report about the case of alleged kidnapper phillip garrido. garrido allegedly held jaycee dugard for 18 rears. the state attorney general says garrido, a convicted rapist, was not properly supervised and that officials missed numerous chances to free dugard. in cleveland, the remansz 161 victims have been found in the home of a serial murder suspect, anthony sowell. he's being held without bond on on charges offing a gra valted murder. one of the dead is 53-year-old tonya car michael. her daughter and mother interviewed on "the early show" yesterday felt authorities had ignored her disappearance. she had been missing for a year. and against all odds, a missing florida baby has been found alive. police say 7 month old shannon dietrich was found tucked in a box under a bed at her
8:05 am
baby-sitter's. she had been missing for five days. three people, including the baby-sitter, her husband and the baby's mother have been detained. the baby has been placed in protective custody. right now katie couric has your pry view of tonight's "cbs evening news." it's a little book that was never meant to make the big screen, but now the movie "precious" is making headlines. my interview with the leading actress who came out of nowhere to land the role of a life time. so that story and more tonight on the "cbs evening news." now back to the "early show." it is 8:05 on this thursday morning and dave is outside on the plaza with another check of the weather. david? >> good morning to you, russ. great crowd out seed. we have friends from warren, michigan, from beer middle school pnd a if things go well, i good get guess they graduate to kettle high school. maybe you rename it or something. nice to see you. let's get a check of the weather. shovels to shortshorts. a week ago we were talking about all that snow in the rockies.
8:06 am
now denver, look at these temperatures. mid-70s to 80 degrees, even warmer as you head to the south. it is going to be beautiful. in fact, across much of the country, it will be nice. the northwest will see a cold front begin to roll on wlu. that will bring showers miles per hour from northern california into washington state. and some wents 20 to 30 miles an hour in some locations. not a major storm, but it is a headache for some folks. an in the northeast, you'll see some spotty showers roll on in. they came in from the ohio valley where they were yesterday. the south looks good, gulf coast looks good, florida looks good, midsection of the country, great. that is a look at the national
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by simply apple. that's a look at your weather pigtd. we have a late day hurricane off the coast of nicaragua. talk more about that at 8:30. harry, inside to you. thanks very much. up negligence, we'll shake, rattle and roll our way to another time machine adventure. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ heartbreak hotel
8:08 am
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8:11 am
this year would be actually in my life, probably not in your life. we've gone back to '79, 1990 and 1983, and now it's time for dave to take us back -- are you okay? >> you sat me in coach on the last trip back to 1983. >> these are tough times. are you towarwar ready to go in? good luck. >> tear down this wall. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ >> one small step for man. >> i have a dream. >> you built a time machine out of a delorean? >> where did we stop? >> where is it going to stop? >> oh! >> 1954.
8:12 am
>> awesome, i can't believe i ran into you. it was really nice meeting you, but i got to go. all right, nice meeting you. take care. thanks for the poodle skirt. >> dave, you dog. >> i mean, some amazing things happened in that time machine, let me tell you that right here right now. >> shame on you. >> what else you you got? >> including a trip to human resourcess in 1978 on our way back. just incredible. >> what you got there? >> talk about peeps. all right. i brought back from this year a betty crocker cookbook. if i'm not mistaken, it was the first book that a picture cookbook came out. also, before 1954, peeps were all handmade. this was the year they became mass-produced. and the whiffle and whiffle ball stick. the whiffle ball and the whiffle ball stick. >> a great invention. >> one came out in 1953 -- harry
8:13 am
actually played with pre-historic trees. >> he was the only one born in this era. >> so much happened in the 1950s. and it seems when we look back like an innocent time, but the truth is, this year was filled with controversy and social change. so let's take a minute and let's look back at some of the lasting images from 1954. >> you've got suburbs growing, kind of profound and explosive way. you've got the advent of television. >> it wases era of super man and father knows best. all of these great cars were driving down the streets getting two mile as galls a gallon.
8:14 am
>> 1954 was the year that tv dinners were invented. it was such a treat when my parents would let me sit in front of the tv with my tv tray and my it tv dipper. >> the fact that in 1954 this tran sis ter was developed which matt radio portable. it wasn't this beg box in your home anymore. >> one of the things we were proud of was that we had a nuclear powered submarine named the nautilus. just like jule september vern. >> brown versus board of ed was a court ruling in 1954 which basically said you can't have white education and black education in a public school. >> i remember looking at images and seeing things where these kids had to be escorted into school. all they wanted to do was go
8:15 am
into school. it was hard to believe. but that decision back in 1954, i know it changed life for my family and ultimately changed life for me. >> these were the early days of what was turning into the cold war. mccarthy was on kind of a witch hunt. ed morrow boldly recognized that and took him on. >> tonight we devote our entire half hour to a report on senator mccarthy. >> it was very gut it si and very risky. >> morrow is a symbol, a leader and the cleverest of the jack he will pack. >> mccarthy was a bully. ed morrow said i'm not going to stand for it. ♪ these rocks don't lose their shape, die moppeds are a girl's best friend ♪ >> at the beginning of 1954, joe
8:16 am
dimaggio and mayor lip monroe got married and it wases same year that she did that fameis scene from the accept year itwhe her white dress gets lifted up. and he was will and saw that scene and did not like it one bit. i don't know if it was because this, because late their year, they got divorced. >> as i look back, compared to what we are facing now, everything in 1954 seems to manageable. >> i think 1954 was an important year in american history because people stood up for what was right whether it was desegregation or speaking out against a senator targeting people as communists, it was a people for biting for fighting for the troous. sgli want to talk a little bit about brown versus board of education. years ago i went down to mississippi and i talked to the children of share croppers who said we're going to figure out how to get to these schools
8:17 am
because the law now says we can get to these schools. and people came and they shot at their homes because they said we're going to go, we're going to believe what the government says is true. that the constitution protects my rights to go do this thing. and they were shot at for it. >> my father could not taepd the university that i taepded in the '70s because of the who '70s. >> my mom and dad couldn't go to the high school that i attended and my father integrated the university, arkansas state university, one of the first african-american students there. >> that was the legal proceeding. the battle continues. all these years later. >> a lot of laws have changed, but hearts need to change, too. up next, how per hood has changeded since the '50s. almost as much as baby products have. we'll talk a little bit about that when we come back. (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness from snuggle
8:18 am
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8:20 am
♪ mr. sandman, bring me your drea drea dreams ♪ remember that song in it was a very different world for women this 1954. they were expected to be above everything else good wives an mothers. so in honor of our new mother, julie, let's look at how our idea of motherhood has changed since the 1950s. >> it will be nice to be just a house wife. all you have to know is what switch to turn, what buttons to push, and what cans to buy. >> it's toutful if motherhood in the 1950s was any less difficult than today. but theres of no shortage of happy, whole zmt tv mops making it look easy. >> i love you, mother. i'm so lucky to have a mother as
8:21 am
sweet as you. >> then as now, mom was the prime target for advertisers who wanted to get their products into the home. >> just put on the nipple, warm the bottle and feed. >> i'm exercising my choice. >> here you go. >> over the year, families have changed, and so have mothers. >> put away your stupid home work for a minute and look at mommy. >> i like big butts andky not lie. >> so from blue jeans it apron, how we see mom is a sign of the times. >> the revolution is over and the people can now return to their peaceful lives. >> this morning we have some of those popular baby products from 1954 along with their 2009 versions. and julie has been using these, some of the 2009 versions, i'm quite sure. sxw >> the 1954 version, what they call a pram, i didn't know what a pram was up i started registering for stuff. doesn't that remind you of bugs
8:22 am
bunny? with the little baby bonnet going what's up doc. >> and the pig difference was the way the baby faced, right? >> and that's just like a flat surface there. now it's like you have options. you'll he said up getting one where you can get the car seat that fits -- >> comes out of there sglp and the other part of this, at least in new york, you used to have the one where you could step on that could chance. so you could do it with one hand. you can hang on to the baby, throw that in to the trunk of the cab so you could -- >> can i hire you? >> i teach lessons. >> i'll buy you lunch later to tell me. play pens are so different, too. >> this looks so illegal, something like at the petting zoo. but now i guess they call them play yards. >> even had my day, you hit like three buttons on this, it
8:23 am
chamschams collapses. i'll come give lessons. >> you know what they need to create is someone who comes to feel that
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♪ that's all right mama, that's all right for you, that's all right mama ♪ welcome back to "the early show." what is that all about? >> that's dave presley. >> that's your impression from being on the ed sullivan show in 1954? >> and the crowd is going crazy just like they did in '54. >> a little blue pill will take care of that. >> oh, that was wrong. that was wrong. >> i'm just here for you. >> we have a real treat in store, not that that wasn't. but we have a real treat in store. we've got a time machine reunion of five, count them, five, miss
8:31 am
america, including the one who was crowned in 1954 and another one we know. look at that. >> who is that average looking chick? >> we just said that, do you not look an ounce older than that video. and i'm not saying that to blow smoke. >> as we say, a little make upgo as long way. >> you were miss america 2002? >> how sweet. no, i was miss america in 1990. >> who sang? >> gary collins and phyllis george who is here with us. >> we'll have a lot of fun with that. >> good luck getting a word this edge wise. also a live performance from the platters, the original platter, herb reed, the founder is here. still singing. we'll talk to him and talk about the days they were ruling the charts. and even though they might not
8:32 am
be ruling the chart, everybody still remembers. >> two options. ky dance a little more, or ki cn do the weather. or we can just sit here comatose together. >> how about the weather. >> all right, let's go to the maps. we'll serve it up on a platter for you. let's go to the maps where we'll take a look at eda, a late season hurricane off the coast of nicaragua. i don't think it's a threat to the u.s. at all, but we just put it up there so you know that it is it is in existence and even late in the season, these things can pop up, so we'll watch it. category one storm right now. wind speeds at with 75 miles an hour. continental u.s., much of it looking absolutely perfect. gorgeous. except on the west coast, the northwest sees a cold front beginning to move on through. lower amounts of rain in northern california as you head to oregon and washington, numbers pop up a little bit. anywhere from a quarter of an
8:33 am
inch to let's say an inch and a half in the coastal areas of oregon and washington. now, mid section of the cup lou looks great. gulf looks terrific. northwest, clouds roll in. could see some scattered showers and maybe even a little snow in northern new england. that's a quick look at our national map. ♪
8:34 am
all right, that's a quick look at your weather picture. i got a new york yak keys world series shirt for our birthday girl today from new port beach, california. thanks for coming pie. that's a quick look at your weather picture and hello to every at norfolk state university. harry, back to you. we are focusing on 19 a 4 this morning which was a big year for the miss america panlg ept. it was on live tv for the first time and 27 million people tuned into see lee matteriweather wine crown. ♪ there she is miss america >> reporter: like the super bowl
8:35 am
and the academy award, the miss america pageant was a gather prends and family around the tv once a year event. what started as a way to at rack tourists to atlantic city became a hugely popular spectacle once it began on to be televised some 1954 when lee meriweather was crowned. in the 1960s, it was repeatedly the highest rated show on television. over the decades, changes hit the pageant. caused would and i growing feminist movement, as well as the civil rightss movement. >> your new miss america, debbie bell turner. >> reporter: which whether he had to african-american contestants finally being admitted and crowned. >> miss america, the runway is yours. >> reporter: the panlg end has also had its share of controversy. >> i must relength distinguish my title. >> reporter: have naes a williams had to forfeit her crown when nude photos of her
8:36 am
surfaced in a magazine. miss america has moved from atlantic city to las vegas, from brooft to cable, but it remains one of the iconic events in american pop culture. >> and joining us now, lee meriweather, miss america 1955, phyllis george, miss america 1971, susan powell, miss america 1981, the current miss america, katie stam, and our own debbye turner bell, miss america 1990. >> might be letting a cow out of the bag. i don't know how many people knew he was miss america around here. >> they know now. >> and i've got the crown to prove it, baby. >> this was so interesting just listening to you all looking at the clips. and say, oh, there is so-and-so and there is so-and-so. for to be on television the first time, there's nothing to compare to. but when you walked down the
8:37 am
street in the days afterwards, what was it like for you? >> it was amazing that so many people did watch the show. and they did recognize me. now it's a totally different story, but -- >> no, it's thought. >> well that is correct's very sweet. >> you're a star in film and stage. >> and the "today" show with dave garraway for several years. some of us actually remember that era. and, man, you were on the nfl today here on cbs. >> we're very proud of that. don't make me cry, harry. it was way early like '73, '74. i did it for ten years. got married during that time and had two children during that time and people -- i still complaint believe i did it back
8:38 am
hen. what was i thinking? i need to pay the represent, i guess. but i did want to get this to broadcasting. >> a radio reporter in 1978 and went to the super bowl in new orleans, and crawled through a crowd, the one interview that i had to get was with phyllis george as this was the biggest deal there was. >> that's a big documentary coming on the legend of jimmy the greek and we relive all of those years. it's on espn next tuesday. >> i saw jimmy the greek in his hotel room during that super bowl. a wad of money this big. >> and a bunch of gold chains. >> exactly right. all right, let's go. >> i remember when she was crowned and she sang the telephone arias. still sings to this day. >> she is really outstanding. what a voice comes out of this little body. >> it really was -- that was your era, really that era of performance, though. >> it really was. >> one year after another, somebody's playing the piano,
8:39 am
somebody sinking opera. >> it had to do a lot with i think point system. at that time, miss america, 50% was for talent. look, there i am. and watch my hair doesn't move. the era of hairspray. >> and mine fell off. >> well, i don't know being raps we should talk about that. it's a great are a decision of which to be a part. >> what's neat is that each of the ladies here represents not only a different era of the miss america panlg epts, but the panlg ept has grown as women have grown in our society. so we have all these very articulate, gracious, beautiful women except for me, i'm just straggling on -- >> right. >> but throughly representative of how women were viewed some society. now we have katie, our contemporary miss america. >> that's you. >> that's me.
8:40 am
>> nobody really knows miss america. they see the crowns and everything, but really and truly, we were all talk in the green room about you how happy we were to have the scholarship money provided. debbye became a investigation friday theirian, i majored in vocal music in oklahoma city and all these women were -- >> we were the winners, and there are millions of other stories of girls who don't go on to whip but who go to school because of it. >> one of the largest source of scholarship. >> and we are very different from some of the other pageants. >> do they still do the platform now? >> yes. >> and what was yours? >> mine was community service and involvement. and i believe gretchen carlson, the year before depbye, was the first year with the black forum. >> my year was the first to have the official title, but many
8:41 am
miss americas had causes. so it was never just a pretty face after the '20s these were all women with brains. >> do they still do the talent competition? >> and it's still 35% of your overall score. so it's still -- talent is still very important because that's what separates miss america from everything else, that and the fact that we have a scholarship program. >> and indicatity in the contemporary age not only had to compete in the pageant, but she and her fellow contestants thatted to go through a reality show before. >> we did. that was a lot of fun. >> do you know that in 2011, this program will be 90 years old. 2011, 90 years old. >> so did burt parks sing to you? >> he sang to sharon, but i was the first one to have the song
8:42 am
supg sunk on playhouse. they had written a show for me and then they wrote another one, the miss america story, and, okay, any guesses as to who sang the song to me on the show? >> bob hope. >> no. he had a strip of gray hair and i was a singer. >> vieweddy valrudy valley? >> johnny desmond. he's the first one to sing ♪ there she is >> there was to one like ron ealey singing it. >> they did play a records of burt parks singing. >> lady, thank you all.
8:43 am
we could go on for hours, but you -- >> we have a very special presentation. we're celebrating former and we have future miss debbye, a little onesie for you. >> thank you. she'll wear it. mommy won't share. she'll wear her own crown. >> ladies, thank you so much. lee meriweather, phyllis george, susan powell and katie stam, thank you all. up next, more from 1954 with herb reed and the platters. ♪ you've got the magic touch ♪
8:44 am
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tsts? lack of competition. huge insurance companies driving prices up by keeping competition down. in maine, only two companies control 88% of the market. in missouri, two control 79%. north dakota, one company, 89% in fact, across america 94% of markets are not competitive. we need real competition to lower costs. we need the choice of a public health insurance option.
8:46 am
one of the classiest vocal groups from that era was the platters. they've gone through lots of changes since then, but the music is still special. it makes you feel as if they're singing to only you you. ♪ only you can make this world seem bright ♪ >> reporter: the platters started serving up hit songs in 1953. the group was so big so fast, they were even featured in the first movie about the new rock and roll era "rock around the clock" released in 1956. ♪ only you rrp there were many incarnations over the year, but whenever they hit the stage, the sound was unhigh school takable and
8:47 am
unforgetsable. ♪ they ask me how i knew my true love was true ♪ >> reporter: krptly led by the only surviving original member, herb reed, the platters have sold a reported 250 million records and are member of the rock and roll hall of fame. and while they might be known for "the great pretender," for music plans, the platters are the real thing. get ready, herb reed and the platters are here this morning ready to take us back to 1954. here's their classic hit, "only you." ♪ only you can make this world seem bright ♪
8:48 am
♪ only you can make the it bright ♪ ♪ only you and you alone can thrill me like you do ♪ ♪ and i feel my heart for only you ♪ ♪ only you can make this change this me ♪ ♪ for it's true ♪ you are my destiny
8:49 am
♪ when you hold my hand ♪ i understand the magic that you do ♪ ♪ you're my dream come true ♪ my one and only you ♪ only you can make this change in me ♪ ♪ for it's true you are my destiny ♪ ♪ when you hold my hand
8:50 am
♪ i understand the magic that you do ♪ ♪ you're my dream come true ♪ my one and only you you ♪ >> the platters. yay! >> really great to see you. >> so nice meeting you. >> same back at you. >> of course this is mr. herb reed, the original platter. you hook so great. how do you feel? >> i need my chair. >> we can get your chair back.
8:51 am
let me ask you this question. i hear that "only you's" popularity was almost a mistake, that in the '50s -- >> it was a mistake. the rendition of "only you" was a mistake. >> what happened? >> we were driving to our manager's office and we hit a bump in the road and we were sinking "only you" and he went -- >> the hiccup. that was a pothole. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> so what did this master teach you over the years as the group has been reconstituted sointo wt it is now? >> the platters were very smooth and we don't do a local lot, but we just move together and sway back and forth. herb has taken us all around the world, denmark and fin lap and it's been grats. >> you sound so great. and that's a female member, which i love so much.
8:52 am
it wasn't common back hen. >> we leave you now with another performance from herb reed and the platters. here is "the great pretender." ♪ yes, i'm the great pretender ♪ pretending that i'm doing well ♪ ♪ my need is such i pretend too much ♪ ♪ i'm lonely but no one can tell ♪ ♪ oh, yes i'm the great pre-ten der ♪ ♪ adrift in a world of my own ♪ i've played the game but to my
8:53 am
real shame ♪ ♪ you've left me to dream all
8:54 am
8:55 am
good thursday morning. it is 8:55. we are talking about a cooler regime here the next couple of day. today sunshine this morning. will be followed by a couple of clouds this afternoon. we may see a sprinkle or two, 55. tomorrow breezy and cool, low 50s and on saturday and sunny, milder and low 60s. we are looking at showers from yesterday afternoon pulling away. then this morning while we are clear we have shower activity in western pennsylvania approaching western maryland. in virginia a little shower in the shenandoah valley and temperatures are on the chilly side. time for traffic with angie.
8:56 am
>> hello, everyone. knife minutes from the 9:00 a.m. show. thanks for joining us. hey, out in montgomery county still the same problem we were dealing with yesterday, the traffic lights. they are still on a nonrush hour pattern because officials are trying to fix the computer glitch that is affecting roads in our region on montgomery county. 355 georgia, colesville, all of those expect more delays. 270 northbound at 80 so where we have an accident blocking the left lane. going southbound at 85 more crash activity and drivers are looking at a 30 minute commute from middle brook to the split. sunshine this morning. a few more cloud during the afternoon and the possibility of a passing shower or sprinkle. 55 here in washington. 53 tomorrow. saturday, sunday and monday, milder and then a shower is possible late tuesday. 9 news now is three minutes
8:57 am
away. see you then.
8:58 am
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